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Peek a Boo models

"white wall" photography by


Celeste Selecte

Bust: 77

Waist: 56

Hips: 80

Length: 165

Josephine Kuipers

Bust: 83

Waist: 67

Hips: 90

Length: 171

Anneliese van Buren

Bust: 83

Waist: 63

Hips: 93

Length: 170

Cher Jacques

Bust: 90

Waist: 71

Hips: 96

Length: 171

Raquel Duvalois

Bust: 80

Waist: 75

Hips: 78

Length: 165

photo by martijn kappers

Michelle Bauer

Bust: 84

Waist: 60

Hips: 90

Length: 160

Jeanne Jamie Viset

Bust: 79

Waist: 62

Hips: 88

Length: 168


Ruby Soliman

Bust: 95

Waist: 75

Hips:  95

Length: 164

Marlies Woning

Bust 106

Waist 78

Hips 104

Length 174


Sidhi Achmat

Bust 80

Waist 67

Hips 92

Length 169

New in our webshop

  • SOLD

    Josephine is wearing a one of a kind green/blue hippie dress made out of silk. The pattern is so cute! Combine it with a lovely hat and you're done to rock the day. Check out the sizes below:  Size: M Bust: 100 cm Waist: 82 cm  Hi...

    € 45,00
  • V. R&E Modell
    V. R&E Modell

    Celeste is wearing a blue pattern 70's dress. Super stylish! The perfect way to impress your friends. Fabulous colours and buttons frotn and sleeves are the same fabric.An absolute showstopper this isCheck out her sizes below: Siz...

    € 60,00
  • Satin Doll
    Satin Doll

    This vintage piece Celeste is wearing is very rare and unique. It's made from blue satin and has a Chinese overprint. It looks amazing on her, doesn't it? A true treasure for your closet!Check out her sizes below: Size: XSBust: 86...

    € 60,00
  • Miss Elegant
    Miss Elegant

    Celeste is wearing a wonderful soft orange sleeveless dress. She looks so elegant and classy in it! The dress has two buttons on the collar.  Perfect outfit for a Sunday or a night out. Check out her sizes below: Size: 34 (XS)Bust...

    € 35,00
  • Sporting Dress Blue
    Sporting Dress Blue

    Our lovely Peek A Boo model Josephine is wearing a turquoise button-through dress.This color looks amazing on anyone! The brand from this classy vintage piece is Sporting Dress.The dress comes without a belt (which used to be with...

    € 45,00
  • Yellow Flavo
    Yellow Flavo

    Josephine is wearing a wonderful bright yellow dress from the brand Sporting Dress. Don't you just love the color on her? Combine it with some colorblocking shoes and accessories and you're finished!Check out the sizes below:Size:...

    € 40,00

    Anneliese is wearing a beautiful hand tailored bordeaux red embroidered dress. The collar has pearl beads and has buttons (some are missing). Perfect for a night going out! Bust: 86 cm  Waist: 76 cm  Hips: 98 cm Brand: Hand tailor...

    € 35,00
  • Soft Brown Fur Coat
    Soft Brown Fur Coat

    Celeste is wearing a soft brown coat from 100% wool with a beautiful fur collar. She looks amazing in it! To add even more class you combine it with a pearl necklace ans some nice heels. Check out her sizes below: 


    € 60,00