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vintage bags

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  • Paco Rabanne Copycat
    Paco Rabanne Copycat

    A very special white bag that looks like a design of the sixties which was so typical for designers like Paco Rabanne.This one isn`t but looks like someone was inspired.. Condition: *****
    Fabric:plastic with leather

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  • SOLD

    Another green vintage bag from the 60ies/70ies, great colour! Condition: ***** Fabric: fake leather Brand:none Width: 23 Height: 17...

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  • Reet suitcase
    Reet suitcase

    A real vintage reet suitcase, very cute! Measurements: 28 cm width x 18 cm high Brand: none Condition: *****...

    € 32,95 € 27,95Order
  • Plaid Bag
    Plaid Bag

    A great vintage bag, in fake-leather with woollen sides.Note that because it`s a real vintage gem the metal zipper is a little hard to close.  Measurements: 37 cm width x 40 high Brand: ? Canda ? Condition: ****...

    € 49,95Order
  • Make- up your mind
    Make- up your mind

    Cute 70ies small make-up bag, in bright colours. Condition: ***** Brand:none Fabric:plastic Width: 21 cm Height: 10 cm...

    € 12,50Order
  • SOLD

    Rare vintage bag from,plaited in Red,white and blue, very cute! Condition: ***** Brand:Bogner Inside fabric:plastic Width: 33 Height: 24...

    € 24,95Order
  • Blue leather
    Blue leather

    Great colour this bright blue bag ! Condition: ***** Fabric: real leather Brand:Ubrique Width: 21 Height: 19...

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  • SOLD

    Gorgeous green real leather bag with long handles Condition: **** Fabric:real leather Width:23 Height: 21...

    € 24,95Order
  • 50ies flowers
    50ies flowers

    Gorgeous 50ies flowerbag, with bamboo handles and plastic fabric, a unique vintage accessoire! Condition: *****
    Width:  49 cm
    Heigth: 33 cm Brand: none...

    € 27,95Order
  • Beads Bag
    Beads Bag

    Real vintage bead-bag, closes with metal zipper, a cutie! Condition:***** Brand: none Width: 26 cm Hight: 15 cm...

    € 24,95Order
  • SOLD

    Bigger than usual, this red leather clutch, with plaited front. One side pocket with zipper and matching small mirror and small pocket with zipper inside. 32 x 20 Real leather Condition*****...

    € 24,95Order
  • 70ies bag
    70ies bag

    Brown-red and light-brown leather bag, probably a 70ies one, it`s very Charlie`s Angels.. 29 cm width x 19 cm  high , inside bag is suède and the handle is adjustable Real leather Condition:*****...

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